Kekanto API

Request parameters

Requests can receive a few optional arguments and the output is standardized.

Input parameters

The following input parameters are optional

  • per_page: tells the API how many results you would like to retrieve per page. Default is 30.
  • page: which page to retrieve, starting from 1. Default is 1.
  • lang: brings result internationalized to your language. Possible values are pt_br (brazilian portuguese), es_es (spanish), es_mx (mexican spanish), es_ar (argentine spanish), es_cl (chilean spanish) and en_us (USA English). Defaults to pt_br.
  • Output extension: default output is json, but you can add the .xml extension to the end and receive the output as xml.

Output format

The output always brings these fields:

  • status: OK or a human-friendly message containing the error
  • code: similar to the HTTP methods, according to the list below:
    • 200: Success
    • 400: Bad Request - missing some argument(s)
    • 401: Unauthorized - authentication failed
    • 403: Forbidden - you don't have the permission to access this resource
    • 429: Too Many Requests - your query limit has been reached. See rate limits below.
  • hourly_limit: maximum requests your API key is allowed to make per hour
  • hourly_used: current hour quota usage
  • daily_limit: maximum requests your API key is allowed to make per day
  • daily_used: current day quota usage
  • navigation: other URIs that can be used to navigate, including previous, next and related resources
  • total_results: integer indicating the total results (can be used for pagination)
  • data: object or array containing the current query output

Note: All IDs will be a 24 characters long alphanumeric string.

Now that you're familiarized with the way our requests work, why don't you check our Resource list?