Kekanto API


All requests made against the API require 3 arguments at least:


Consider the following scenario:

  • Current timestamp: 1348833600
  • Your API Key: a353cd09ada951195e0c0c87ac060656c452bd0c
  • Your API Secret: a87ce4e05664379e98edbd0fbd357dcf1d289c55
  • Request the places resource (

All you need is the auth_hash argument, which is calculated according to the following formula: SHA1 ( TS + SECRET ) where the plus (+) sign means a concatenation.

More information about the SHA-1 hashing algorithm can be found here:

Our API expects the hexdigest (40 hexadecimal characters).

Which in this case results in SHA1 ( "1348833600a87ce4e05664379e98edbd0fbd357dcf1d289c55" ).

This results in the following SHA1 hash: f9447603c9e562b27a020bec641eba4f48cdff8a.

This hash will be passed as the auth_hash parameter, resulting in the following URI:

The next step is understanding the input and output. Read the Request parameters page.